Sunday, October 22, 2017

Late October sailing with Jimmy

I got to the club via BMW.  Jimmy wanted to get a pump out.  We pumped her out. 

Norm helped put the new mainsail up.

Redline wanted to fuel up and pump out so we did that.  Left her at the dock near the fuel dock for early morning haul out.

Then Jimmy and I went out for an easy sail with just the new main. 

The foot looked short but it was correct.  10 feet 10 inches and Bellum E was supposed to 11 feet.

She had a nice shape.  Got to get a new batton for the top pocket.

We got back.  I tidy the boat, packed the car had bar menu supper and came to the office to log the trip and then to the locker to store the sails.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

No Frostbite for Bellum

Daniele was sick.  Peter and Norm were not keen with the strong wind forecast.  John was available to assemble the new IKEA furniture on Sunday.  So we did not race. 

Unfortunately for us, the winds looked pretty idea and the rain did not seem to come until late.  They had three races.

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Pas de deux and not Frostbite

Saturday morning, we got up early and rushed to the club to rig the boat for the PCYC Pas de deux race.  We packed the boat with the sheets and food and the 155.

Turns out Chris was there to sail with Audrey, but they were not racing.

We took off with a light south-east wind. Daniele helmed.  It rained and we were drenched.  Daniele did not want to stay at anchor even though the sun was supposed to come out in an hour or so.

Came in 17 out of 26.  The sun came out and we could not dry the sail very well at the dock.

Next morning was supposed to be windy 22 Gusting to 38.  It was. Norm cancelled due to a bad back, Nigel was undecided.  Eventually, the race was cancelled.

We packed up and went shopping for foul weather gear and teak furniture.

Celebrated Thanksgiving in 20 mm of rain all through Monday and Daniele's.

Couse was "2"

Thanksgiving was wet, very wet.

Sunday, October 1, 2017

Frostbite No 1

Norm, Daniele, Peter and I got together for the first Frostbite.

Winds were decent.  The furling sail was off so we tried the RACING No 2 for the first time.

Daniele helmed (very well).  We did very well.

There were three races although NOR originally said Maximum of 2 races.

Second in White Sail

Second in White Sail

Second in White Sail

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Cancel Wednesday sail with Daniele

Daniele had a doctor's appointment at 1PM at the Glen.  We planned to go sailing afterwards.

The weather had been fantastic for 17 days, hot and no rain, but this was about to end.  And she was not feeling well and there was a storm watch and I had a conference call at 4PM.

So we cancelled.  Winds go strong and a strong rainstorm came in about 6.

Norm picked up the repaired genoa from Boathouse for us.

Friday, September 22, 2017

Awesome end of September weekend

Daniele and I headed to the club for supper and sleep aboard at dock.

We did the groceries (Hamburgers) and were walking down the dock. Norm was waiting for his family to head out.

Daniele and I were envious.  We cancelled our reservations at the club and headed out to the sandbars.  Sailing for about 1/2 hour and then motor.

Awesome sunset.  We were in a heat wave and there have been two weeks of great sunsets.

The burgers were great.

Next morning, the boat was full of bugs.  We cleaned her out and then napped.  We left about 3 and sailed about 10 nautical miles and settled at Grand Anse, enjoying our butted noodles and fried onions.  Next morning there were no bugs.  We hung around until the afternoon.  We had planned to be home to make lunches for the next week.  But the sailing was so good, we just stayed out.  It was hot and sunny.
Sun Rise at Ile Perrot

We buzzed Redline at the sandbars.  Sailed some more.  The leech line on the genoa was worn out.

We eventually docked and packed the genoa and clothing.  Audrey came by and invited us to enjoy the sunset with some vino tinto.

We had decided to stay at the club for Sunday Roast Beef.  And then drove home.  Very nice weekend.

Each night we did not finish the wine and we left three opened bottles on the boat.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Hugh Kennedy night race

Norm, Chris and I took on the last Wednesday night race - the Hugh Kennedy race.

I helmed.  We started downwind with an east wind.  Great start. We headed to the downwind mark and returned closed haul to a mark near the church and then through the Gut to finish at AS15. Only Limonchello came in behind us but we owed her some time.

Club did not know there was a race so there was no BBQ and we went to Burger Town for some nice burgers.

Too bad I still have to spend my MMA for September.

Very nice race in the dark.  Downwind start has interesting dynamics.