Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Nice Wednesday race - windy

Daniele and I got groceries to spend the night at anchor after the Wednesday race.

Winds were very good 10-14 knots.

Jimmy and Tilde enticed us to take them as crew.  We took off motoring down the channel since winds were about 30 degrees off.

We tuned the rig and had some good practise when I notice that the race had started.  We had 4 minutes to get to the start line with the White Sail fleet. We were about a minute behind.

I took the helm and made Jimmy and Daniele and Tilde handle the lines.

Jimmy tried cranking and releasing, I think we tried him.  Daniele got tired of cranking after the first windward leg.

We ended up third out of fourth.  We don't really know what happened to Borlean

Monday, August 14, 2017

Spinnaker with Goucho

Without a crew, I went out with Audrey.  As we left the harbour, we had engine problems (lack of power).  We returned and did not see anything wrong and tried it again.  No problems so we tried again.  Motored to the gut and set up the sails.

After a little while, we decided to reef the main.  There were problems with rigging that created lots of draft on the main.

We sailed around for a while and returned to the club.  In the channel, we ran the spinnaker a bit and we had an hour glass.  Took her down and came home.

Afterwards, I ran into Julie-Helene who asked if I was a diver.  Her daughter had dropped a line while motoring and you imagine what happened.  They got towed to the container docks.  I got my snorkle and got it untangled in a minute.  We took Exlixar back to her dock and she bought me a beer!

I slept aboard and got up early and came to the office.

Friday, August 11, 2017

Another Friday night race cancelled due to storm

There was to be a makeup raft up and Duggan cup.

There were thunderstorm warnings and Jimmy called to cancel.  Tilda did not call.

Yves and Mary joined me on Bellum.  Daniele was setting up her vernissage

As we went out, there was dark rain at the west end of the lake.  On the radar, it was clearly moving north and probably going to miss us.  We put up the main and sailed around waiting for about 40 minutes.  Then the race was cancelled.  We pulled out the jib and sailed back to the club channel.

Then Audrey radioed us saying they were going to sail a bit and that she had Mary's wine.  So we sailed back out again.  The wind was right up to the channel so we took the inshore route and Goucho tacked through the channel.  We almost made it to the gut when we turned back.  We were not watching Goucho and it looks like they gave up tacking and returned to the club.

Mary and I had supper aboard Goucho.

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Wednesday with Tilda, Daniele and Jimmy on Naomi

Nice evening with great winds on Naomi with the usual suspects.

Friday, August 4, 2017

no Friday race

Before the race, I went to prepare my apartment to prepare to have all my possessions moved to another apartment so that they could restore my apartment from the flood.

There was a major storm. I doubt there would be a Friday race.  But I had no other place to sleep so I went to the club arriving about 17h20.

Fiona had cancelled

Marty and Lori were at the club.

The race was cancelled.  Blue Nuit did go out.

Patrick and I had some drinks and a pleasant supper.

Got up the next day to spend 10 hours moving my stuff to a neighbour's apartment.

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Wednesday race - no wind, lots of wind, no wind

Daniele and I went to pick up the Ebay and Defender stuff from Mike and then headed to the club.

We bought pork fillets to eat at anchor after the race.  Jimmy did not come because of the thunderstorm warnings.

There was no wind in the harbour.  We filled the water tanks.  We went out early and there were 4 to 2 knots.  I could taste the pork on the BBQ.  There was a storm cell east of us.  
Then the winds picked up to 15 knots.

We raced white sail with Tara II, Talisman IV, Borlean.  Daniele helmed.  We ran abeam along the start line and when the horn sounded, we tucked across near the pin side.
We sailed well, tacked well.  Tara II cut in front of us at the windward mark.  We had to tuck behind Borlean because she was starboard.  We were now last. In the run, the winds died and we slowly crept pass Borlean and caught up to Tara II.  Then the course was shortened.  Think moved very slowly. Borlean was too low down the current and abandoned.  Tara finished and so did we.  
There were a little thunder and lightning in that cell that was still east of us.  
There was a storm watch.  I decided to return to the dock.
We had a drink aboard and then decided to join Patrick at the BBQ and then slept aboard.  
Awaiting racing results.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Sunday and Monday sailing

After Jimmy and Tilda left, we got up the next day and had breakfast of sausage and eggs.

We set sail as we left the club.  Nice day.  We did several rounds of the lake and about 5, we anchored at Grand Anse.

We had chicken and wine and cauliflower on the BBQ.  The aluminium foil we had turned funny and we had thrown it out.

Nice nite with a gift from James.

Squall on Lake St. Louis
The next day we stayed anchored.  We took an afternoon nap and then noticed that the boat was rotating around the anchor.

Daniele looked out the hatch and we had rotated 180 degrees and there were ominous clouds ahead.

We got up and evaluated the situation.  We turned on the VHF and there was a call for a boat near the RSTLYC entrance.  Then there was a mayday relay for a platoon boat near Dorval Island.

Apparently, there was a squall on the lake.

The sky was much better where we were.

Fine in Ile Perrot

Squall in Pointe Claire

After the weather cleared up, we set sail for some place closer.  We ended up motoring to the sandbars and anchoring there.

Supper was pork chops that had been frozen aboard two weeks earlier.  Not bad.  Awesome Sunset

Tuesday morning, we motored back to the club, washed down the deck and headed back to work at 11AM.