Sunday, June 18, 2017


Norm and I went out for a relatively uneventful sail past.

Saluted the Commodore and came back for pasta.  Next morning, we launched Redline.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

Single handed sail to sandbars

After Friday race, I slept aboard.  Cleaned and organised the lockers, put the spinnaker aboard.  I decided not to put the other sails aboard.

After a very long day, I saw Seal Cove come in.  They said it was fairly nice out there, a little wind.

That inspired me to go out.  I put a few things away and on my way back I saw Devin trying to put up the main sail.  The boat was new to him and he was having problems.

It got dark by the time we finished but I was determined to go.  Motored to the first mark and headed to the gut in a light south wind.  Started the motor and furled the jib and anchored in 12 feet near the sandbars.

Nice evening.

Next morning got up early and tried to sail but winds were light, from the west.  Eventually I gave up and sailed through the gut and started the motor just at Malhers'.  Motored in and docked perfectly.

Washed the boat of all the shad-flies for the afternoon sail past.

Friday, June 16, 2017

First Friday Race

After Daniele's concert, I ran out to the club for the first Friday race.

Chris calls to say he is available.  We went out, towing JP's shark.

The three lasers all came in before all of us, coming in about 10 seconds apart.

We came in fourth, after the lasers, but scored sixth after Drifter and a shark, but I am disputing that Drifter beat us.

Nice evening.

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

First Wednesday race

Norm and I went out for our first Wednesday race.  More of a shake out race.

We came in third.  Out of three

Winds were a little light for our 135.

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Last sail in November

The season is coming to an end.  The weather looked good on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Rain on Thursday.  Norm was interested and available Tuesday and Wednesday.

David offered to haul me out on Monday.  I asked for Wednesday and we agreed on Wednesday noon.  We scheduled Cygnus for 2:30.  Had lots of problems getting a hold of Ted to see if he was available.

I biked to the club on Tuesday for 2PM.  Norm had some rain just as he leaves the house.  We were blown north into the empty Talisman dock as we tried to leave.
I tested the engine on the way out and could achieve 3200 RPM doing 6.4 knots.  We probably could have done a bit better.

We pulled out the head sail down to the gut.  sailed passed the church and some drizzle started.  We were a little concerned but I decided to continue on.  Eventually, we turned back and ran for the service dock. 

I winterized the engine but could not take off the sails due to light winds about  25 degrees off the nose.

I rode back home, having a nice supper with supplier Richard.

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

October single handed bliss

October is coming to an end.

Four days of rain in the forecast

Wednesday is 15 knots winds from West.  Jason and Mike are working.  Norm is assembling Ikea furniture, Chris does not answer email.

I left the office at 3 and  the temperature was so nice, I came back and packed the bike to go to the club.  Once at the club, I answered my urge to go out.  Winds were 15 knots from the west.  The wind forecast was supposed to drop to 2-3 knots so I had thoughts of anchoring for the evening.

I untied and took off motoring to the gut.  Put up the Jib and sailed to Beaconsfield, tacked around and came back.  I started the motor just before the Gut.  Very difficult to see the gut without the regular buoys. 

Did not anchor. 

Biked back home, arriving at 9.  Glad I did it.   I DID IT.

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Frostbites 7 and 8

Norm and Chris boldly went out in threatening rains in the bowels of October.  Winds were light and expecting to rise to 30 km.

We got to the club and sailed out to the start.  Winds were light, too light for a good race.  They waited for over an hour. ML texted Norm saying it was pouring in Pierrefonds.  A little while later, the rain reaches us.

Eventually, there would be thunder and a few minutes later, the race was canceled.

We sail motored back and dried up in the cabin and we all came home.  Main Sail remained uncovered, hoping Norm would be around to the club to put the cover on if it was dry.

Seasons over....  Bellum, Norm and I did every race that was and we were willing to be there if the conditions were not.

Final Frostbite results.  - 3rd white sail